Bad Weather Leads To Problems At Birmingham Airport

Jan 16, 06:35 PM

The first week of January led to an unexpected and very cold snap of weather over many parts of the UK. Temperatures were much lower than we would normally expect, even for this time of the year, and that led to problems at Birmingham Airport.

This happened on the 5 th of January, just as everyone was gloomily trying to get back to work following the Christmas and New Year break. Many people woke up that morning to see snow outside their windows, and there was no doubt that this caused untold problems at many airports.

The combined effects of the ice and snow meant that Birmingham Airport had to delay and ground a number of flights that were due to be taking off that morning. Obviously the runway was extremely slippery and the effects of that meant that any proposed take offs would have been simply too dangerous to try and attempt. Furthermore no landings were possible either for the same reason.

We aren’t often severely affected by snow in this country, and as it happened there were only a few centimetres of it in evidence in Birmingham itself. But even though there didn’t appear to be very much of it, the low temperatures combined to make sure the snow hung around for longer than it often does.

Birmingham Airport ended up having to close for a few hours until the problems were solved and planes were able to take off and land safely once more. But as you will know if you were planning to fly from Birmingham Airport on the 5th January, you would have been delayed for some time. Some flights were merely held back until several hours later, but unfortunately others were cancelled altogether.

Staff at the airport were working hard to make sure the runway was usable again as soon as possible, but there is no doubt that the freezing temperatures didn’t help matters. It would have been inconvenient for those who were planning on flying that day, but the powers that be at Birmingham Airport were doing all they could to get things moving again, defying the elements at the same time.

Fortunately the snow itself did not last that long; snowfalls occurred mainly during the night and into the early morning. What made it worse was the fact that the cold temperatures kept what had fallen from melting quickly afterwards.

So are there any lessons to be learned from this? Well perhaps there are for the passengers; if you know there is any likelihood of adverse weather of this nature and you are flying out of Birmingham Airport in the future, make sure you keep tabs on what is happening by visiting their website.

You will find up to the minute travel details and flight information on the site, along with any news of delays or weather problems they may be experiencing. For now though, it seems the snow has passed and things are back to normal.



  1. If we are unable to fly next Saturday, are our tickets usable on another flight?

    — Hazel Jones · Jan 10, 11:58 AM · #

  2. This would depend on your airlines terms and conditions. I would contact them direct to ask.

    — Ron · Jan 10, 03:24 PM · #