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There is no missing the yellow background of this website, and as the big box on the right hand side of the home page states, you can save as much as forty per cent on prices here. That makes it well worth taking a look around when you next have cause to visit Birmingham Airport.

There is a nice clear tab at the top of the page which says airports, so if you hit that and go through to the next page you can find out more about the services that are available.

What should you know about Park BCP?

This is a company that has a lot of experience in providing the right services at the right prices. You can view the website at

The airport parking page has a link which takes you to a dedicated page all about parking at Birmingham Airport. This is great because it gives you an at a glance look at just what they can offer you.

The one thing you should know about this company is that their website is very comprehensive and you can always resort to the sitemap if you need more information. But all you need should be in the relevant section for your parking choice.

Park BCP at Birmingham Airport

Once you have accessed the page for Birmingham Airport parking, you will see the four main choices that you have. You can compare them roughly on this page, but clicking on the service name will tell you more about each one.

Firstly you have the Birmingham Airparks page. This is quite close to the main airport and the courtesy bus takes around fifteen minutes to make the journey once you have parked your car.

Your second choice is the Airparks Express service. The difference with this is that you get a better journey on the way home. What happens is that on arrival at the airport you will go straight to the car park and then catch the courtesy bus to the terminal as normal. But on the way back, you will have arrangements for your car to be driven to the terminal by staff. This means you can focus on getting home in a good time, without having to wait for a bus to take you back to the car park.

Next up is the Chauffeur Parking Service at Birmingham Airport. This is a proper Meet and Greet service, so you will be able to drive directly to the terminal to hand your car to a qualified chauffeur. They then take care of it in a secure car park until you come back.

Finally you can opt for the Long Term Car Park 5. It is so called because it is only a five minute distance away from the terminal, once you catch the transfer bus which is laid on for free. This is the main reason why this car park is so popular.

What is the level of car park security like with Park BCP?

All four car parking options are very secure. Some are award winning, but they all take their security responsibilities to heart.

You will find that they all have plentiful security staff and they all benefit from closed circuit television cameras to keep an eye on what is going on twenty four hours a day. All but one are also surrounded by high fences.

Is there anything else that you should be aware of before making a booking?

You may have your eye on one or two services in particular, but to find out which ones are actually available on the dates you require them you will need to get a quotation.

When you do this you will be able to compare the prices of the various services offered; you may find you don’t get the one you wanted due to unavailability at the time of travel.

You can get a brief run down of each service again as part of your quote – you will see all the information on the screen.

In conclusion

Park BCP is a well thought out service with an easy to use website. Every quote you get online also has its own query number, so make a note of it as it helps the staff to locate your quote if you need to contact them.

You can also keep the link or email it to your choice of email account if you wish, making it easier to keep tabs on a quotation you have recently had. In short, this is a user friendly service that is well worth bookmarking.