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Are you heading off on a foreign holiday soon? Maybe you have booked a weekend away in this country? Perhaps there is a business trip coming up that means you have to hop on a plane to get to your destination?

Whatever your reason is for flying, you will probably be thinking about how you will get to the airport to actually make your journey. Some people choose to pay for a taxi to take them there, but they can be very expensive and you can be left waiting and worrying as to whether they will turn up in time.

There’s no doubt that sticking to your own car is the best way to do it. And all you need to know is where to park once you get there!

Welcome to the benefits of Birmingham airport parking!

If you like to be in control, then you will love the fact that you get to make all the decisions with airport parking.

No more waiting around for a cab – simply load up your car with your luggage and head off whenever you feel the time is right. And when you get to your airport you will know there is a space pre-booked and waiting for you, if you have booked your Birmingham airport parking in advance.

And that is definitely the best way to do it, as you are about to find out!

Why do so many people choose airport parking?

For a start you can make great savings if you know how to book it right. Can you imagine saving as much as 60% on a cab fare? Not likely!

But if you book your car parking requirements in advance of the day of travel you can save just that much. That means you can have a great journey down to the airport in your own comfortable car, you get to park in your chosen car park, and you can spend the money you’ve saved on some treats while you are away! Or maybe even a meal before you fly – it’s up to you.

The different kinds of Birmingham airport parking you can choose from

It is important to find out what parking types there are, as they do vary. Some might be perfect for you, while others might be less desirable. Figuring out what you need first is by far the easiest way to make sure you have chosen the right parking facilities for you.

The following brief guide will make sure you get the right service at just the right price for your needs.

Short Stay Birmingham Airport Parking

This is the ideal one to choose if you are taking someone else to the airport. You won’t be staying more than a couple of hours so it will provide the best priced facilities nice and close to the airport terminal itself.

Long Stay Birmingham Airport Parking

This is one of the options you should be looking at if you are flying out of the airport yourself. Regardless of whether you are going on holiday or on a business trip, this will be either close to the terminal (which is normally more expensive) or farther out – requiring a short free bus ride the rest of the way.

Meet and Greet or Valet parking

If you want to be on your way as soon as possible, why not try this service? You can literally drive right up to the terminal itself – everything else is taken care of for you! While you are checking in, a qualified driver will be parking your car, so there is little for you to do except get on your way!

Finding out where the car park is

There are two types of car park here – some are situated in the airport grounds, while some may be up to eight miles away. Even though this only takes fifteen minutes or so to make the short journey, you need to bear it in mind when planning your holiday. Allowing that extra bit of time is essential if you want to check in on time.

Birmingham Airport

So the time has come to decide what Birmingham airport parking is right for you. Check all the companies that provide airport parking and see where they are located and how much they charge.

Remember, the more convenient their service is, the more you will pay. But if you have loads of luggage or you are short on time, those perks can be a real life saver!

So make sure you get your decision right, and book the best parking you can get now.